Creating a Logo

When starting the creative process for this exhibit, I decided to begin by developing a product. After this was achieved, I needed a logo that would be added to each of the items in my tea brand. This would help me to establish an identity, or something that connects each item to one another. My goal was to make a logo that is easy to read and minimalistic so that it appeals to a wider audience. 

Choosing Colors
I did extensive research, and came up with a unique concept to market teas specifically for different times of the day. I grouped these teas into four categories: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. I selected bright, saturated colors to represent these groups. 

Developing a Style

 I needed something that would support the idea that tea is global, historic, and consumable throughout the day. Eventually the thought of pointilism, or creating images using dots, entered my mind. The circle represents the globe, sun, and connection. 
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